Foundation mission


There is no doubt that the problem of macrobiotics is the main issue for the mankind. In this context it is necessary to mark that developments in this field are of great significance and this fact is quite reasonable. American physicist, Nobel prize winner Richard Phillips Feynman said in this respect: «If a person had taken into his head to construct perpetuum mobile, he would run into a ban in the form of a physical law. In contrast to this situation, in biology there is no law that would argue obligatory finiteness of life of each individual". And really, today's science has made certain steps, has significantly progressed in addressing this issue.

The Fund was established to support research studies and to promote activities in the field of life extension, taking into account international experience, in cooperation with international organizations, including promotion of activities and investment to research institutes, laboratories, groups of developers, inventors in the field of solution of problems of life prolongation, ensuring an active longevity, rejuvenation, aesthetic component, as well as treatment of diseases, remedies and methods of healing, issues associated with the various research in the field of the phenomena of life and death. (See in details)

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