Наша структура готова оказать содействие научным центрам, лабораториям, институтам, и др. организациям, а также индивидуальным разработчикам и предпринимателям, обеспечить защиту прав, содействовать проведению научных работ, привлекая имеющейся интеллектуальный и финансовый потенциал, в т.ч. инвестициями, способна достаточно быстро активизировать и поднять до мирового уровня продажи непосредственно, конкретного продукта, обеспечивая высокий уровень маркетинга, разработки идей, технологий, методик и других факторов, необходимых для успешной организации работы.
Мы стремимся максимально удовлетворить потребности своих партнеров, предлагая для них эксклюзивные решения.

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About us

It may be said without exaggeration that our organization is exclusive of many criteria but one of them is the most practical for all persons performing investment and donations If you participate in the work of the Fund of the International Foundation for research and promotion of research activities in the field of life extension "Life" (further "Fund"), invest or provide funding on a charitable basis, with each new discovery, implemented in the framework of the activities of the Fund, you have the right to have one*

After the conditions of your participation in the Fund have been fulfilled or established under the Fundс of the International Club System or Venture Fund, you have the option of receiving certain dividends in the form of;

  1. Ability to use Discoveries for the benefit of mankind;
  2. Financial dividends from investment participation in the activities of the Fund or established under the Fund of the International Club system, or Venture capital Fund from the discoveries, projects, et implementation (dividends from investments).
During the implementation of the Fund activities, there is a technical possibility of using part of its funds in a variety of conservative techniques for managing finances in global markets to receive the fixed income.

In particular, it is expected to acquire shares that relate directly to the business profile of the Fund or participation in the IPO companies, the project of which can generate its revenues. At the stage of funds formation Venture Fund is expected to offer anchor investors a yield of up to 5% per annum in foreign currency on invested capital.

* You have an option under a specific agreement, investing private financial funds in research and development, or guaranteed to have access to this development free of charge or on preferential terms, depending on the extent of your participation.



The team of professionals working in the Consortium, and directly in functioning in the framework of the Fund, has significant scientific, organizational, administrative capacity, technical equipment and experience.

Our structure is ready to assist research centers, laboratories, institutes, and other organizations and individual developers and entrepreneurs, to ensure protection of the rights, promote the realization of scientific works, attracting the intellectual and financial potential (including investments), could intensify and raise to the world level sales of the concrete product, providing a high level of marketing, idea formation, development of technologies, techniques, and other factors necessary for the successful organization of work.

We strive to satisfy the needs of ours partners by offering them exclusive solutions.

The Foundation's activities is provided through the accumulation and support of existing scientific developments and through the creation of new processes to study and develop means and methods of resolving issues of subject activities of the Fund. Consideration and support for existing scientific research:

  • Consideration and support for existing scientific researches;
  • Creation of a data Bank on known developments.
The Fund activities include full life cycle support of projects and programs, from direct development to a practical and/or clinical studies and mass implementation and production.

The thematic focus of the Fund has the following main components (work areas):
  • Active longevity;
  • Preservation of youth, rejuvenation (including aesthetic component, or in adjacent areas, including the treatment of diseases, methods of improvement);
  • Regulation of the aging process;
  • Hypothetical possibility of the immortality of species. These developments relate to the field of neurobiology, genetics, bioengineering, physics, pharmacology, and research in the field of traditional and alternative medicine, etc.


The main advantages of the Fund (as investment entity):

  • The ability to receive significant dividends from investments (capital appreciation);
  • The possibility of investing in startups of the world economy.

The main exclusive features and advantages of the Fund "International Foundation for research and promotion of research activities in the field of life extension "Life" and the Venture Fund operating in its framework:

  • Aegis of public associations, public councils and expert groups, representing the leading scientists, doctors, financiers, experts of the world level;
  • Functioning in cooperation with professional expert, analytical, informational and scientific entities operating in one Holding – the Consortium;
  • Consideration of unique field of investment projects – the extension of life;
  • Consideration of the widest field of investment projects;
  • Investing in global projects;
  • Use of the club system – the ability to use the results of development investors.


  • The Public Council (representatives of leading academics, financiers and experts of the RF and the world community);
  • The Advisory Council (representatives of leading scientists and financiers of the RF and the world community).


Organization of activities is carried out on the basis of the Treaty establishing the International Consortium of the parties – legal and natural persons registered in the Russian Federation and the EU.

The Name of the Consortium: International Consortium for research and promotion of research activities in the field of life extension "Life".
The basic organization: International Foundation for research and promotion of research activities in the field of life extension "Life".

Forms of Legal entities operating in the Consortium:

  • The Fund (the country of registration – Russian Federation), Expert and analytical company, the Bank data (information block), Charity or Club system);
  • Foreign representations of the Foundation;
  • Limited liability partnership (the Venture Fund, the place of registration – Bahamas);
  • Limited joint-stock company (place of registration – the EU, the partner company of the Fund);
  • Limited joint-stock company (place of registration – EU Management Company of the Venture Fund).
This includes cooperation with partner companies engaged in the sale of goods and provision of services on the subject of the activities of the Fund.

Management Company of the Venture Fund carries out the work of the Venture Fund, all decisions on the use of Venture capital Fund funds takes a collegial body composed of key representatives of the investors and the management company. The Venture capital Fund is not taxed pending the end of its activities.

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