For last decade the mortality rate from bowel cancer in Austria has decreased by 30%

In Austria over the last decade the number of new cases of colon cancer decreased by approximately 20%, while the associated mortality is down by almost 30%, according to Medical Xpress.

This trend is explained mostly by high quality screening. This is confirmed by the results of a study conducted by specialists of medical University of Vienna, Austrian society of gastroenterology and Hepatology, Federation of Austrian social insurance institutions and the Austrian cancer society.

In the framework of the joint project, the data were analyzed almost 160 thousand conducted screening colonoscopies for 2007-2014. Although during this period there was a significant increase of cases of precancerous lesions, the incidence of advanced stages of cancer has declined, the researchers found.

"The results confirm that the quality of screening has improved. We are able to detect changes often and early, thereby preventing the development of malignant tumors or metastasis," said study author Monika Ferlitsch from the Vienna medical University.

Each year in Austria revealed 4.7 thousand new cases of colon cancer.

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