The Amazon Indians found the elixir of youth

To get excellent cardiovascular system in old age to exude health, you need to live in the wilds of the Amazon.

Nation tsimane that live in the Bolivian Amazon, refuted traditional views physicians that with age a person inevitably becomes the heart and other diseases. Whole life they spend in constant motion: hunt, fish, plant crops, collect fruits and nuts. Animal proteins and fats, make up only 14% of their daily diet.

Scientists have studied hundreds of members of the tribe. Computed tomography were 705 residents tsimane aged 40 to 94 years old, amazed the scientists with their health. They do not suffer from hypertension, high cholesterol or elevated blood sugars, their hearts beat in perfect rhythm.

Almost two-thirds aged over 75 years had perfect arteries, and only 8% were found negative changes. Nowhere in the world scientists are not faced with such a low prevalence of coronary atherosclerosis.

The men of the tribe a third less testosterone than the male population of Western countries. But it does not decrease with age. It does not know what is obesity. Women tsimane fed infant milk with an unusually high content of fatty acids omega-3 is very important for brain development. On average, families will be born nine children, but 15% of them do not survive to five years.

Tribe tsimane has 13 thousand people, and remains rather isolated group ever since they rejected the services of missionaries-Jesuits in the XVII century.

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