Innovative dressings will allow to define a condition of a wound

The dressings capable to define how the wound heals and to send this directly to the doctor, will be tested in Great Britain within a year. Development belongs the scientist from Institute of biological sciences in case of Swansea University, BBC News reports.

According to developers, the smallest sensors which will be able to define a status of a wound will be built in innovative dressings and to trace the level of activity of the patient in each certain period. By means of superfast 5G-technology data retrieveds will be transmitted to the doctor through the patient's smartphone.

It is marked that the smallest sensors are developed by experts in the field of nanotechnologies, and dressings will be produced by means of 3D-printers that, according to developers, will allow to lower costs of their production.

As the principal of Institute of biological sciences professor Marc Clement reported, experts from the Welsh center in enhancement of treatment of wounds also take part in the project, and will pass tests of development within a special project on development of digital innovations in southwest Wales.

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