The Russian scientists develop technology of introduction of drugs to bone implants

In Russia "clever" osteal implants which are applied without krepezhy and fixatives in the course of operation are framed. These products well get accustomed in body tissues, and then resolve and replaced with the real bone tissue.

Now scientists set the new task for themselves: to develop technology of introduction to such implants of anesthetics and antitumoral drugs. It will help to alleviate suffering of the patient and to activate convalescence process, Izvestia reports.

Today the osteal implants framed on the basis of a hydroxyapatite and a collagen already passed tests. Such biocompatible materials don't cause a casting-off of an organism and help healing and restoration of a natural bone tissue. The implant biodegrades in an organism and body height of the real bones amino acids and mineral substances "feeds up".

According to the project manager, the senior research associate of Institute of biochemical physics of N. M. Emanuel of RAS Vladimir Gorshenev, one of the main pluses of development — the fact that the patient doesn't need operation on excision of an implant as it happens, for example, to titanic pegs.

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