Osipov Sergey Evgenievich

Osipov Sergey EvgenievichCo-President of the Foundation, Advisor to the Chairman of the Russian Red Cross, Chairman of the Presidium of the I am Your Donor Movement, Head of the Administration of the Autonomous Non-profit Organization National Expert Center, Head of the United Media Editorial Office at the Joint Association of Honored Doctors, Honored Scientists and Health Workers, the first Vice-President of the Interregional Public Organization "United Association of Honored Doctors, Honored Scientists and Health Workers", member of the Council for the Preservation of the Nation's Natural Heritage in the Federation Council of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation, Academician of IANPO. Head of the United Editorial Office of the Information Social Agency, author of a number of information and expert projects, author and editor-in-chief of publications published under the auspices of the United Editorial Office, "Bulletin of the Association of Honored Doctors of the Russian Federation" (the publication received a grant from the President of Russia 2007-2009), newspaper " Health and healthy lifestyle ". Editor-in-chief of magazines, co-author of more than 20 print and electronic media and projects, including: "All-Russian Exhibition Center", "Health of the Capital", information projects: "Russian State", "Your Health", etc. Author and co-author of a number of scientific articles and monographs.

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