Assistance to the distressed

The Foundation provides charitable assistance not only to support programs and projects in the field of life extension, developed by scientists for the benefit of mankind, but also provide targeted assistance to those who are already in need of its results, as well as to hospices, and people with disabilities, people with chronic diseases, who on the verge of life and death, to other categories of needy persons.

We attract funding for charitable care for these categories of citizens. You can make your donation:
  • To support a specific project and/or program in the field of life extension, posted on the website in the section "Charity", in the section "Projects and programs";
  • To support needy people who require immediate financial support for life-extension.

It is possible to carry out a charitable contribution in one of the following ways:
  • Using our online website, selecting the appropriate category of targeted charitable assistance and transferring money via e-wallet;
  • Through the transfer of funds with the payment purpose "Charitable purposes" and with possible indication clarifying information: payment destination ("Assistance to persons in need of financial support, with diseases that are acute and life-threatening" or "Support of scientific research in the field of life extension", with updates of a specific project or program, presented on our website in the section "Charity", in the section "Projects and programs", or without such clarification);
  • Using special boxes in various institutions with printed on them the name of the Fund and meant for donations.
At the end of the reporting period (calendar year), the Fund provides a detailed report about the ongoing charity work on our website.

You can also participate in charity events. You should contact our representative by phone, indicated in the section “Contacts on our website.

Call us +7 (495) 968-82-80 and find out the details.

We are always glad to your address!