Vissarionov Vladimir Alekseevich

Виссарионов  Владимир АлексеевичThe President of the Association of specialists in aesthetic medicine (society of aesthetic medicine specialists), honored doctor of the Russian Federation, doctor of medical Sciences, Professor, member of the American Association of Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery (till 2014). Is capable to perform all types of aesthetic surgery on face and body, including facial surgery for congenital and posttraumatic defects. Author of over 400 scientific works, among which is the co-author of 4 monographs, 14 patents for new methods of reconstructive and aesthetic operations on face and body. Under the guidance of Professor V. A. Vissarionov were passed 29 Ph degrees and 10 doctoral theses. In 2000 V. A. Vissarionov was awarded by the international Association "FRANK" the international prize "For humanism of the heart" for his great contribution in charitable care and assistance to patients with congenital maxillofacial pathology., in 2002 the research activity of Professor V. A. Vissarionov was awarded medals of E. Dashkova and I. Mechnikov for his contribution to the preservation of the health of the nation and the development of the Russian school of plastic surgery and cosmetology. From 1998 to 2013 he headed the Federal state unitary enterprise "Institute of plastic surgery and cosmetology».

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